MRTE (M) SDN. BHD. is a company that majorly in Information Technology (IT) field. This company acts as a software provider, developer and provide system maintenance related to engineering field.

MRTE towards IT services:

  • Provide professional IT services and consultation in the field of Computer Engineering, Civil & Structure Engineering, Mechanical engineering & Electrical engineering, .
  • Emphasize on formulating the most time and cost effective for IT solution.
  • Supply, Install, Testing and Maintenance of all IT services offered by company
  • Implementing total integrated facility management
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
  • Call Centre
  • Mobile application

MRTE (M) SDN. BHD. implemented CMMS software which is one of the company products that helps organizations plan, track, measure, and optimize everything to do with maintenance on a digital platform.


Centralized Monitoring System

  • MRTE has a main Call Center to integrate to the CMMS
module: a; 
touch: (-1.0, -1.0); 
modeInfo: ; 
sceneMode: Hdr; 
cct_value: 0; 
AI_Scene: (-1, -1); 
aec_lux: 67.0; 
hist255: 0.0; 
hist252~255: 0.0; 
hist0~25: 0.0;

MRTE (M) SDN. BHD. implemented Internet of Things (IoT) on one of the company products which is Smart Lantern

Internet of Things (IoT) approach

  • Smart Lantern system for buoy

Smart Lantern system for buoy

i.Database Platform 

  • Ubidots
ubidots 2


Ubidots is the database platform that has been used by MRTE to monitor surrounding data including multi-parameter sensors of temperature, humidity, pressure, light intensity, motion and positioning of the buoy through online status with IoT technology which is more versatile and modifiable and easy to maintain

Data Parameter

Data Parameter is the data that has been collected from the buoy parameter sensors.