supply 1

To undertake full inventory and equipment inspection for all oil-spill stockpiles to verify suitability for use, condition of fabric and fittings, performance of equipment based on rated capacity.

supply 2

To compile consolidated report for each oil-spill warehouse stockpile which will be registered into a centralized planned maintenance system with uninterrupted access for representatives of MRTE and Malaysian Marine department.

supply 3

To undertake supply of equipment found defective, obsolete, and those found to not comply to internationally recognized standards or cause harm to marine environment

supply 4

To conduct studies on response equipment for Harmful Noxious Substance (HNS) and propose a feasible scheduled supply in preparing for ratification of HNS Convention under the 2010 Protocol

Internationally Recognized Performance Standards

Our supply standards conform to OSRO Classification Guidelines of the United States Coast Guard together with the recommendations given by Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) particular to Malaysia having factored in resources offered under PIMMAG for Tier 1 spills.

supply 5

List of Recommended offshore and shoreline oil spill response equipment and materials to combat 10,000 barrels (1,590 m³) of crude oil spill.

Part A) Offshore Oil spill response :

1) Off shore Oil spill containment booms
1A) Elastec 1.9 m height Deep Sea AirMax air inflatable boom x 200 m package.
1B) Elastec 1.44 m height Open Water AirMax air inflatable boom x 250 m package.

2) Offshore Oil recovery skimmers
2A) Elastec Ocean Skater Weir Skimmer System (Recovery capacity: 300 m³/h).
2B) Elastec Sea Skater Weir Skimmer System (Recovery capacity: 118 m³/h).
2C) Elastec Magnum 200G Grooved Drum Oleophilic Skimmer System (Oil-Only recovery capacity: 80 m³/h).
2D) Elastec Magnum 100G Grooved Drum Oleophilic Skimmer System (Oil-Only recovery capacity: 56 m³/h).

3) Offshore Floating & towable oil storage tanks
3A) Elastec TB3500 floating and towable temporary oil storage tank (13 m³ capacity).
3B) Canflex FCB-25CM sea slug (25 m³ capacity).
3C) Canflex FCB-50CM Sea Slug (50 m³ capacity).
3D) Canflex FCB-250CM Sea Slug (250 m³ capacity).

4) Off load pumps for storage tanks :
4A) CFL-100MSP pump (170 m3/hr) for Sea Slug tanks.
4B) PD100 Pump (77 m3/hr).
** E150, ES400 Pump and Mariflex Pump from Elastec skimmer can be used separately for off-loading from tanks.

5) Oil spill dispersant spraying system :
5A) Elastec Elaspray shipboard oil spill dispersant system (83 LPM pump capacity with 2 x 6 m spray arm assembly).
5B) Simplex model 6860 helicopters under slung dispersant spraying system.

6) Oil spill dispersant :
6A) Water base type 1 (Neat) oil spill dispersant (1:1 for light oil).
6B) Water base type 2 (concentrated) oil spill dispersant (dilute 1:10 part of sea water).
6C) Water base type 3 (concentrated) oil spill dispersant (1:1 for heavy oil).